HEADLIGHT MOTORS '84-86: Headlight motors in '84-86 Fieros are notorious for failure which is not surprising considering their age and lack of maintenance. Replacements are available from GM but are expensive. Used and rebuilt motors are frequently sold on eBay.

Headlight motors in the '82-86 Firebird are the same as the '84-86 Fiero although they must swap sides to fit the Fiero.

The '84-86 Fiero headlight motors can use the brush assembly from Cadillac antenna motors ('91-'93 work, maybe other years), but the single "down" wire will need the Fiero connector spliced on. Most junkyards have the antenna motors and the brush assemblies are usually in good shape. When a Cadillac antenna motor fails it is usually the plastic drive cable.

Headlight motor repairs are simple for the shade tree mechanic and parts are available from the vendors listed below.

Rodney Dickman http://www.rodneydickman.com
The Fiero Store http://www.fierostore.com
Alan Mooty, 8061 Nicklaus drive, Orlando, FL 32825 (407) 275-5040

Headlight Motors'87-88: Headlight motors on the '87-88 Fiero have an improved design compared to the earlier years but still fail due to age. Replacements are available from GM but are expensive. Used and rebuilt motors are frequently sold on eBay. Repairs are simple, more so than earlier years. We understand that headlight motors from the following cars will fit the '87-88 Fiero:

- Buick Reatta (all years - may require different control module; see below)
- 1986-89 Pontiac Sunbird*
- 1988-96 Corvette
- 1987-92 Firebird (must swap sides to fit Fiero)
- 1988-02 Lotus Esprit
- 1988-04 Lotus Elan (most)
- 1990-92 Toranado Trofeo (may require different control module; see below)

*Not all Sunbird motors from these years will swap. On some, the mounting holes on the Sunbird motors do not aline with the mounting holes in the Fiero headlight buckets on either side. Our thanks to Jim Moreland for this nugget.

Headlight Control Modules: The headlights in the '87-88 Fiero are controlled by an electronic module found beneath the left front fender behind the fender well. The module (part no. 16523917) was used on the following cars:

'97-04 Corvette
'87-89 Firebird
'86-89 Pontiac Sunbird
'86-89 Buick Skyhawk

In April of 2010 new replacement modules were still available from gmpartsdirect.com for about $175 plus shipping. This makes a salvaged unit pretty attractive!

An identical looking module (part no. 16525685) was used on the '90-94 Sunbird, '90-02 Firebird, '90-92 Olds Toronado/Trofeo and '90-92 Buick Reatta. That module will NOT interchange with the Fiero.

Headlight Relay, '84-86: This relay is still available from GM (part number 22059694) but can be replaced by the GM power antenna relay (part number 12337964) which can be found in any salvage yard.

Parts to repair '87-88 headlight motors are available from the vendors listed above.

On-line articles to assist with do-it-yourself repair are at:


Headlight Switch, '84-86: The headlight switch is a frequent culprit when problems occur with the headlight system. The switch is Wells SW235, typically available at auto parts stores for around $14. It can also be obtained from GM.