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Wondering about using clear coat over decals? Stephen Lane, owner of a paint and body shop in Latta, SC, reports that clear coat works great IF you use the right stuff. He recommends urethane clearcoat from well-known suppliers like PPG, Martin Senour, Matrix, etc. Stephen says to use their top-end products, not the "value" series. The lower-priced versions are typically thin with high proportions of reducer which can actually melt decals. So stick with high-quality urethane clear coats and you should be fine. Take a look at the photos of Stephen's wheel caps to see what we mean.

You can get further information, including quotes for work, from Stephen at:

L&L Body Shop
200 S Richardson St
Latta, SC 29565

Clearcoat is not limited to wheel caps. Our customers report happy results using it on body and engine decals as well. If you give it a try and would like to share photos, please send them along and we'll see if we can post them here along with Stephen's.